On October 26, 1996, The Equestrian Sports Federation of Azerbaijan Republic was established.

Drastic changes in the activity of Equestrian Federation started after March 5, 2009. That day, based on the results of votes following the report meeting of National Olympic Committee a new board of Federation was voted upon and Mr. Elchin Guliyev was elected as the president of the Federation. Little later, the new charter of the Federation was adopted. The name of the Federation  was changed to become Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan Republic (EFAR). Election of the new management defined a new course of development in the equestrian sport of our country. EFAR undertook serious missions to develop not only the equestrian sport, but also both non-sport and non-Olympic disciplines, including the development of national equestrian.

Through this, the first achievement of EFAR to become a member of FEI ( Federation Equestre Internationale) in 1997. This was a great, responsible, and serious step. Yet, under the leadership of Mr. Elchin Guliyev, who was elected as the President of the Equestrian Federation of Azerbaijan first in March of 2009, and for the second time in 2014, the Federation saw new opportunities, new prerequisites, exciting competitions at the highest level, the national games, professional foreign athletes and a growing number of spectators.

EFAR in February 2010 was elected to be a member of IFHA (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities), and in December 2013, of the FIP (Federation Internationale Polo)